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All Things XRP

XRP is what brought me to create this blog, but its not going to be the only thing that keeps me here. I truly believe XRP is going to change the world. In the next page I will answer questions for you like "What is an XRP Validator?, How do I setup a XRP Validator?, What XRP Wallets are there?" ect.


More Scheetz Tech Reviews & Tutorials

I've wanted to bring something to this blog that I feel can benefit a lot of people. That is my take on tech that people in the XRP community or outside the community will find useful. You'll find reviews related to cryptocurrency or totally not related at all. I hope you can find joy or pleasure in the content you find in the next page.


All Things Codius

Codius is interesting because its not something that is strictly for XRP, but its challenging Ethereum in the Smart Contracts space. Codius was created by a lot of the developers that were employed by Ripple at one point, but recently they have broken away to create a company called "Coil", funded by Ripple's XPring platform to further expand the use of XRP and its use in the world.

Codius uses the interledger platform, which again was created by the same group of people.

My Personal Stories

Where you can find my personal life blog unrelated to Tech, Codius & XRP

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A Valuable Resource to the XRP Community

Its quite interesting on how I came to do this blog for the XRP community. A fellow community member, Wietse Wind was my primary reason for pursuing this hidden passion of mine to help others in the community. I found a lot of great content in the community in the form of blogs and some written instructions. However, in my time as an IT Professional, I have found videos and visual content usually have the best result when setting things up. This is truly why YouTube is so popular, aside from the funny cat videos 🙂 

I came across needing a domain to verify my XRP validator that Wietse’s documentation helped me create. From that domain creation, I created a website which then lead to me wanting to give back to the community in the form of help I best could provide. My years of experience in helping non techy end users understand tech in a way they can properly use it. 


If You Like Podcasts, check out XRP talk featuring me below  🙂 


I hope you truly find my site a place where you can feel comfortable and learn about the tools the XRP community has created. I will also do some Non XRP related content because I like all sorts of tech! 

Thank you and I will see you next time!