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What Have I Been Up To?

I usually go in phases of things I get interested in and usually have to switch it up. This makes it hard for me to stay motivated on one medium, especially if I'm not getting...

May The Games Begin

It's a great feeling to finally have everything in place for something I created for fun. I now have six different variants of services to start out with that people can buy with...

How Do I Install Codius at Home? – Tutorial

How Do I Install a Codius Host at Home? It really isn't all that much different than doing it in a cloud service, but much cheaper for sure! You will need a dedicated computer or...

What “NEW” PC should you get at Home for an XRP Validator or Codius Host

What PC Should I buy to use for Codius and a XRP Validator ? It's quite amazing all the different options we have out there as consumers. If we were looking at Brand New PCs with...

Codius & Validator PC for Home Use

Whats a Cheap PC I can use for Codius or an XRP Validator? Not everyone has money to buy brand new PCs for a setup, and to honest it may not always be the best idea. There are a...

All Things Codius

A Repository of information and tutorials on Codius, a Smart Contract Platform that ties in w/ XRP

“The Ethereum Killer”, is what you may have heard when referring to Codius. This is because its better in every way. Faster, More Secure, Easier and Cheaper. It was created by the people that have worked on the XRP Ledger code for years, so there is no doubt that it will achieve greatness. In my blog, I will cover things like “How do I make a Codius Host?” or “How Do I Upload a Codius Contract?”. Just like XRP was at first, my understanding of Codius may not be the best of the best, but I believe if you follow me on this journey, You and I will both learn a great deal of information related to Codius the Smart Contract Platform.


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Nicholas Scheetz

Nicholas Scheetz

Chief Information Officer

I write some stuff, sometimes cool

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