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How can I make Virtual Machines at Home?

Whenever I think of recommending how someone can create a server of any type at home, I think creating a Hypervisor will be more beneficial down the road. Imagine if you screw something up, you have to re-image the whole machine. With virtual machines you can create backups, Snapshots and even exact duplicates for many test runs. Its really a no brainer when it comes to making a PC at home. I’ve been playing around lately with an Open Source Bare Metal Hypervisor called “ProxMox”. It installs in 10 minutes at most, then your ready to rock ‘n roll!

What is a Bare Metal Hypervisor?

It sure can sound scary and intimidating, but its really just fancy words. Bare Metal refers to the Operating System being installed on Hardware that allows the Virtual Machines Full 100% access to the physical resources.

Is it Hard to Setup?

Absolutely not. If you are able to watch my video, I highly recommend it. Its really a Next, Next finish kind of no brainer setup. You can pretty much just use all the defaults if you want to play around with it and its features. I do recommend some sort of thought process if you plan to use this for Production Ready servers for public use.


I really recommend you give it a try, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any issues you have.

Thanks again and I will see you next time!


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