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How Do I Escrow XRP?

Its really quite simple and couldn’t be any easier. Its all thanks to Secure Block Chains and either one of their solutions. Using Resovoir lite you will be able to Escrow XRP within a few minutes. All you need is a destination XRP Address and an email address. You should be able to fill out all the fields after that. I do recommend that you should always do a test before escrowing a large amount of XRP because if your emails are getting caught in spam you may have some issues.

Why Would I Escrow My XRP?

The most secure method of securing your XRP, is through escrow. Escrow is the only form of “Holding” that cannot be tampered with by yourself and outside forces before the time expiration. If you are worried about losing or spending your XRP then escrow is for you! I fully stand behind the concept of escrow because I have about 70% of my total holdings locked up in escrow for the next few years. Its the best way not lose your precious investment!

What Do I Need?

In order to proceed with Escrowing your XRP you’ll need the following
  • An XRP Address, that you hold the private keys to
    • Gatehub, Toast and Harbor Wallet are a few Examples of Where you Can Get an Address
  • An additional 5 XRP for the Escrow Object to be created + 0.25% of your Total Escrow Transaction (FEES)
    • The 5 XRP of Total Escrow Transaction will be released upon the release of your Escrow


Secure Block Chains


Primary Website

Escrow Website


Important Links

Escrow via Reservoir Lite

Release Escrow via Reservoir Lite

Toast Wallet

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