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How Can I Escrow My XRP?

In this example, i show an easy method of securing your XRP by escrow via XRP Harbor Wallet. The Harbor Wallet is your one stop shop for escrow. You can easily complete a 100 year escrow in minutes, or even a two minute one for testing. All you’ll need is the Harbor Wallet and an Address to send the escrowed XRP.

Why Should I Escrow My XRP?

For those of us that are week willed or bad with our money, its the ultimate defense against ourselves. Its a good feeling being able to lock up 10k+ XRP to be released in a future date, that couldn’t be opened or touched by any single person or entity.Escrow is also a good way to plan for the future or setup future accounts for loved ones at time of certain special events.

Important Links

Harbor Wallet (Download Link) 


Secure Block Chains




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