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How Do I Install a Codius Host at Home?

It really isn’t all that much different than doing it in a cloud service, but much cheaper for sure! You will need a dedicated computer or a hypervisor (Like ProxMox: Setup ProxMox/Cloud at Home).  It may be easier to actually show you in a list:

  • Physical Machine or Hypervisor
  • Static IP for Codius Host
  • Domain Name ( …or…ect)
  • Ability to Add DNS Records
  • XRP Address w/ approximately 100 XRP Free to be safe
  • Limited Knowledge of how to move around your ISP Modem/Router or your own if you bought one.
  • Cent OS Ver. 7 ISO (Cent OS Download Page)

What we will basically need to do, is point DNS to the static IP given to us by our ISP and open the necessary firewall ports.

The Installation of Cent OS

When we install Cent OS we need to make sure we do a couple things in the install prompt. We need to make sure to set the Static IP address and the Root Password. Other than that, we don’t really need to do much. If you don’t setup the IP at this part, it will be a few extra steps, so best to do it in the beginning.

Installation and Configuration of Codius on CentOS Ver 7

You can install on other Operating Systems, but this is the most straight forward installation for Codius. Before we can install Codius we need to install WGET, so we can pull the script to install codius. Here it is:

sudo yum install wget

Once its installed be can run a super easy script created by (@baltazar223) on twitter.

wget -O && bash

The Script

You’ll have a few prompts to answer in this script, but don’t worry its nothing too difficult 🙂  The first one will be #1 to install Codius. You’ll need to confirm your IP Address, Hostname, Email Address & Most important of all your XRP Secret Key. Once this part of the script is completed, it will basically be a lot of waiting until its done. The only further steps you’ll need to take is the inserting of DNS text records for the Certificate Creation. ( DNS Text Lookup ) Once the script is complete, you’ll more than likely need to enter y, to reboot your server. Even if Codius works, I would still recommend rebooting.

Now What?

You can check out your host on to see how it compares to others if you like. You can test a POD upload to your host, with the instructions here: (Pod Upload Tool). After testing and checking it out, you can just sit back and relax. If you have any issues, don’t be afraid to reach out to me. Thank you!

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