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What is Rocket.Chat?

Its an open source team communication tool. Open source means you can see all the code and even install it yourself. Rocket.Chat does offer a Software as a Service web based paid version for those that don’t want to deal with any issues of installation or anything else that may come up. It has a lot of features! Chat Rooms, Direct Messaging, Private Groups, Live Streams, ChatBots, ect. The list goes on! There main website has a lot of information on the features they have : (Website)  This is a snapshot of what my installation looks like after a fresh install:

Why Would I use Rocket.Chat?

Its sole main purpose is to enhance team collaboration and communication. Emailing and instant messaging in groups and back and forth can get cluttered and confusing. Rocket.Chat is a tool that allows real time communication in a Forum/Chat board style. Development Teams use tools like Rocket.Chat to keep them up to date and more aware of where everyone is at on a project. The information is also always existing, so you can go back to refer to information. Some features are in Beta, but they’ve added Video Conferencing and Live Streaming all available in one platform. It makes everything easier and more cost friendly if your team only ahs to have one product vs 3 or 4 for different features you want to have.

How Do I Install this Awesome Tool?

Its quite simple really and I’ve done it in a video for you! You’ll need a few lines of code and requirements that I talk about in the video.


Ubuntu Ver 18.04 w/ Static IP

The Code

sudo su
sudo wget -O && bash
crontab -e

CronTab Input

@reboot /usr/local/bin/

The Links

Digital Ocean

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