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How Can I setup and Run a Codius Host?

Its really quite simple and easy. In my demonstration, I will be using Digital Ocean to host my Virtual Machine for Codius. As long as you already have your domain and DNS access then you will have a Codius host up and running in 10 Minutes! I would recommend putting 100 XRP into the account you plan on using because I’ve seen too many people have issues with putting the bare minimum XRP in. Also the script has slightly changed, so choose option #1 when you run the script initially.

Can I make Money with Codius?

You sure can! The default on install, is usually 10 XRP per month, per contract. This can be changed however, to whatever amount you want. I myself have it set to 3 XRP, but at this point I’m not really concerned about making money on Codius. A lot of the contracts right now, will be testing purposes. When your Codius host is up, each contract I’ve read will take up approximately 512 MB of ram. This would tell me that having a lot of Ram would be more important than being cheap and getting the bare mimimum.

The Code

systemctl reboot
sudo yum install wget
sudo wget -O && bash


XRP Wallet & Private Key w/ 16 additional XRP above the Reserve

A Domain (ex.

Machine w/ at least 2GB Memory (Each Contract = 512mb so plan accordingly)

Access to Add DNS Records for your domain

Putty (Windows)


Important Links

Medium Article by Stefan Thomas

Github Repo for Codius Script by baltazar223

Digital Ocean (Hosted Solution) – Referral Link


Stefan Thomas – Twitter

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