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I will create a formal contest page with submissions, but in the meantime here are the details!

I need a Logo for my site and haven’t found what I want out there.

I need your help and I’m going to create a contest to do it!

Winner: Will be giving 1000 XRP to the Design I choose.

Logo Wants:

I’m Looking for a Logo Design For My Blog site that right now is primarily XRP Focused, but could be used for other avenues in Tech.

Since I want it to reflect me and Tech as well I was thinking some sort of Digitized Cowboy Hat, Profile Cowboy Pic maybe. Something along those lines is what I’m looking for.

It can have XRP Related feel to it, I’m open to any idea!

My Favorite Color is Green, as you can see from my site but doesn’t have to be green.

I like Greens, Blues blacks and silver/Gray

Important: This is important to me and I want people to try their best so thats why its a 1000 XRP prize. 
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