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It’s a great feeling to finally have everything in place for something I created for fun. I now have six different variants of services to start out with that people can buy with my SCZ Coin.

I’m someone technical in nature so I see it as a good way to create value for the coin for things that require me to put in more effort. In my first couple days I already have a couple of entries which feels pretty good 😀

BitcoinR3 is an ICO created on the XRP Ledger. More information can be found on Twitter Here

What Now?

I feel like now I can get back to work and focus on the content I love. I have so many ideas I want to try out but only so little time. My first priority will be getting a video and post on the upgrade process for the new version of Codius.

By the way, I named our new kitten Codius 😂

What’s New in the XRP space?

If you haven’t checked out my video on the harbor wallet and escrow challenge you should! Show your faith in XRP and escrow it. Also the Harbor Wallet from SecureBlockchains is the best around. Find out more Here.

Secure Blockchains actually has an awesome competition going on. Check out here for details. Participate in a chance to win 500 or even 1000 XRP from Secure Blockchains logo design competition! You have until the end of August!

What’s the Best Way to Reach Me?

I have multiple ways of contact but the truly easiest way to contact me will be at More Scheetz Chat. More features will be continuously updated using Rocket Chats awesome product.

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