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Why Did I start the Snake Diet?

I’ll talk about what the Snake diet is, but I want to first talk about why I wanted to diet in the first place. The key to a diet, is to make it a lifestyle and the snake diet has made that choice for me, since if I stray from the regimen my body doesn’t like it so much.

I used to be quite fit 5 or 6 years ago and probably within the last few years it seems to have gone down hill from there. I was pretty fit at around 190lbs, but when I started trying to lose the weight i was sitting at around 240 – 245lbs. I told myself I would never be fat, but that seemed to not be the case anymore.

I’ve tried Diet after Diet w/ no success. My body seemed to just not want to lose weight. I’ve tried Intermittent Fasting, Eating Healthy, Meal Replacements, Keto and so on and so forth. I followed each regimen for about a week and never saw results so gave up. After 1 week of the Snake Diet I lost 10lbs, so I knew it was right for me.

What is the Snake Diet?

The Snake Diet is a fasting focused lifestyle. I believe naming it the “Snake Diet” is more of a catch phrase to gain more attention, but it does have some truth to it, considering Snakes don’t eat that often 🙂

Basically Cole recommends a 48 hour or 72 hour fast right out of the gates. This will allow your body to kick the addiction to caffeine and sugar. This is definitely a fact, considering this may have been the worst 2 days of my life.

A Fat obese person actually would not need to eat, but thats a pretty extreme mentality for people that are used to eating their whole life. For myself 48s and 72s have worked wonders with low 500 – 1000 calorie re feeds. (Keto Only, so Meats & Cheeses). Cole recommends vegetables as well to prevent digestive issues, but I said Fuck it considering I hate all vegetables.

Humans weren’t meant to eat animal fat so doing fasting with Carnivore type diet = SUCCESS. 

The Beginning

I started the Snake Diet on October 6th and started weighing at 243.4lbs of complete Fat Ass. Here are my accountability pictures:


I had the hardest days of my life when I started. I was literally in bed for 2 days because of my body rejecting this method. I stuck it out and popped Advil to get rid of the headaches. Ever since those first 48 hours, every fast after has been great. I recommend doing a 48 hour snake juice fast then right into a 48 hour dry fast(no water & no food). This worked for me and may work for you as well 🙂 . The next Saturday I was down 10lbs as it was a great feeling.

My Second Accountability Post


Here is my post I posted to the Accountability Group on Snake Diet Motivation on Facebook:

Accountability Post #2

SW: 243.4
CW: 224.8
GW: 190-195

Pictures: Left, October 6th; Right, Today October 21st

Well this has been an exciting road for me. It is amazing to finally find a lifestyle that works for me and makes me feel great. I’m 1.5 days into a 72 hour dry fast. The biggest changes for myself are the sleep and no need for my anxiety medicine anymore.

I dream the best and most intensely detailed dreams now which makes me want to go to bed early now.

I’ve been on 200mg of Sertraline for 2 years now and with fasting I was able to quit Cold turkey for over 2 weeks now. I haven’t had any of my Anxiety induced issues like SOB so I would say I’m cured as long as this continues 😊

I’ve worked out a schedule for myself in this short time. Mon/Wed/Fri are my refeed days of 1000cal high Fat low Carb Meals.

Once I get comfortable with the 72 hour fasts then I’ll try to go longer. 72 hours seems to be my mental limit right now but I’m working on breaking it!

The part of this journey that has made this easy is the Fasting Secret IOS app. It makes daily tracking easy and it automatically graphs your results for you. Weight, Ketones, Fasting Times and much more!

I did a YouTube video explaining my background and my journey so far. It was a few days ago but if you want to check it out I’ll leave the video on this post.

Thanks Cole Robinson you’ve truly changed my life for the better and maybe one day it would be cool to meet you. I’ve never been to Canada before 😜😘.

Snake Diet : My Introduction

At this point 2 weeks in I’ve pretty much lost 20 pounds which is amazing.

A Downward Spiral

At this point I lost 30 pounds and was feeling good. Except I made one mistake, I had a sugar free red-bull and said it was OK. This started a week period where I was out of control. The good thing is, the Snake Diet has made eating at night the only possibility so I was out of control and dinner time up until bed time.

I ended up gaining about 5 pounds in a week, which wasn’t quite that bad but my body was hating me.

I’ve corrected myself and I’m currently 30 hours into a fast and I’m going to do some experimentation for funsies.

My Milk Snake Diet Experiment

My goal is to go fasting w/ no snake juice or other fluids, except on re feeds. Every 48 hours i’m going to consume 2 cups of milk & 3 eggs. The milk will be my electrolyte balancing drink + fluid. The eggs are to get me into a 500 calorie range on a refeed. I was thinking of doing just straight milk, so maybe 4 cups but that might be pushing too many carbs into the mix.

I have my first refeed tonight, so I’ll update with Keto Strips and results!

I started Yesterday @ 217.8lbs, currently I am 215.6. My goal weight is 190, so maybe this experiment can get me there. If it can’t I’ll go back to my usual refeed meal which is meats and cheeses.

I’ll talk to you soon!

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