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My Snake Diet Journey – Started October 6th 2018

Why Did I start the Snake Diet? I'll talk about what the Snake diet is, but I want to first talk about why I wanted to diet in the first place. The key to a diet, is to make it a...

What Have I Been Up To?

I usually go in phases of things I get interested in and usually have to switch it up. This makes it hard for me to stay motivated on one medium, especially if I'm not getting...

The struggle is real – Codius Installation

Hey there! This is quite an interesting predicament I'm in! I got my first Codius installation up and running, but now that I'm trying to perfect the video for the walk through...

The Logo Contest Winner!

After a very tough decision, I've decided on Wandering Ware's Logo!   I'll be in contact to confirm XRP Address for the Prize!   To the other Entries. Thank you so much...

The Logo Contest Submissions!

Thank you so much Everyone that participated in the contest! Here is a list of the people and a Video of the submissions!      Multiple Names = Multiple Submissions...

The Scheetz Life

The Ins & Outs of My Life from My View

I am a normal guy with a Beautiful Wife & Daughter. I live in the Pacific Northwest and work full time as an IT Professional. I have two German Shorthair Pointers, one Blue Tick Coon Hound, one Chihuaha, two cats & two goats. My life never really has a lot of downtime so I’m usually always doing something. 


I Hope you can appreciate and enjoy what I offer as a glimpse into my life. 


Thank you

Nicholas Scheetz

Nicholas Scheetz

Chief Information Officer

I write some stuff, sometimes cool

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