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Have you ever wondered if you could send XRP using SMS?

You do not have to look any further! An awesome developer by the name of Wietse Wind has created the tool just for this.Using the numbers below you are able to send, deposit and withdraw XRP instantly! XRP is the perfect asset for this because its literally received by the time the text message is received.

How Do I get Started?

Its simple really. Just send a text to the number that will correspond to you with the word “Deposit” in the text body. You’ll be sent instructions on where you can send XRP to fund your text message account. When sending XRP, there is a pretty straight forward format for sending the XRP. Every transactions will generate a random 6 digit code you need to enter to confirm. Along with every text is also a very small amount XRP subtracted to pay for the text service, since everything isn’t free 🙂


  • Send 3 XRP to 2062682387
  • Send 10 USD to 2062682387

As you see in the example, you can choose XRP or a fiat currency code  and it will send the correct amount of XRP based on the current market rates. This can be helpful for sending a friend 5 USD and not having to worry about how to convert it.

I feel this could be a great entry point in to giving some of your family XRP without the worries of where to store it. Obviously this isn’t the most secure way to hold XRP, so only have limited quantities in the account.

Important Link

Important Information

US TEXT Bot – +16502977977

Sweden TEXT Bot – +46765193977

Netherlands TEXT Bot – +3197004499330


Wietse Wind

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