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Yubikey, the Ultimate Second Factor for Authentication

What is a Yubikey? Its a Physical Device that allows users to use a second factor for authentication instead of something like SMS or Google Authentication OTP codes. The Yubikey...

May The Games Begin

It's a great feeling to finally have everything in place for something I created for fun. I now have six different variants of services to start out with that people can buy with...

How Do I Install Rocket.Chat, Team Communication Tool?

What is Rocket.Chat? Its an open source team communication tool. Open source means you can see all the code and even install it yourself. Rocket.Chat does offer a Software as a...

What “NEW” PC should you get at Home for an XRP Validator or Codius Host

What PC Should I buy to use for Codius and a XRP Validator ? It's quite amazing all the different options we have out there as consumers. If we were looking at Brand New PCs with...

Create Your Own Digital Cloud at Home!

How can I make Virtual Machines at Home? Whenever I think of recommending how someone can create a server of any type at home, I think creating a Hypervisor will be more...

Tech Reviews & Tutorials

A place I hope you can find non XRP or Codius related content useful in your daily life
I hope to create a place in my site where people can find content not necessarily related to XRP or Codius and use it as well. In this section, you will find things like “How does my home network work?”, or “What is Heleum?”. Anything not related to XRP or Codius that I want to touch on, which may be things I am personally passionate about, will most likely end up here.


Home Networking Simplified

What Is a Home Network? To the normal person that really doesn't know much about a home network it can be daunting. However, I try my best to break it down so anyone can understand some basic concepts in your own home network. In a home network its really broken up...

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Nicholas Scheetz

Nicholas Scheetz

Chief Information Officer

I write some stuff, sometimes cool

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