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What is the XRP Harbor Wallet?

In my opinion the Harbor Wallet, is the best software XRP wallet you can use to date. It is created by Secure Blockchains, which their site is Its a wallet that allows a multitude of features in an easy to use User Interface, while remaining secure for the end user. Some of the features that the Harbor Wallet has is Escrow Functionality, Regular Key Management, Account Flags, IOU’s, Trading of IOU’s and many more. The Harbor Wallet is available to Windows and MAC OS users at the moment. Mobile platform support for Android and IOS are planned to be available by end of the year.

Can I use my Toast Wallet Account on the Harbor Wallet?

Yes, when you first open up the harbor wallet you can import an existing address as long as you have the private “master” key.

The above options are what you’ll see when you first open the wallet. The middle option is what I am referring to when you want to import an existing XRP wallet that you have. As of now the Secure BlockChains team, does recommend using the Toast Wallet for your mobile needs when transacting with XRP.

Is the Harbor Wallet Secure?

Yes, in the fundamental sense the Harbor Wallet’s files it uses to open your XRP wallet is encrypted, which then is unlocked using your password you used to secure it. However, security also falls on the user of the product, so you should always keep your wallet file, even though its encrypted in a safe place. If you were to write down the private key of your xrp wallet, then that needs to be secured somewhere as well for no one to find.

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