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How Do I Update My Codius Host?

Its a simple question and I have a simple answer. Just simply run the code directly underneath this entry. The configuration Changes are for upgrading your Codius Host from an Older Version. They may not be required for versions newer than 1.1.1. You will just need to SSH into your host then run each line one after another. You then can proceed to https://<HostName>/Version and should see the most up to date version. You can check out how your host stacks up to others by going to You should see each host and even what version of Codius it is running. This could be a good way to look in on your server every once in awhile.


sudo npm update -i codiusd -g

systemctl daemon-reload

systemctl restart codiusd

Config Changes (/etc/systemd/system/codiusd.service)

*Only Needed when updating from a Version before 1.1.1*



Important Link


ItsJustPW – Codius.Blog


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