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I usually go in phases of things I get interested in and usually have to switch it up. This makes it hard for me to stay motivated on one medium, especially if I’m not getting paid for it. I’ve pretty put out most things in my blog that I feel users would need. This makes me feel like my work is done. However, I know there is a few more things I could cover, but I may get to those eventually.


During my down time, I found Anchor.FM, which is a podcasting platform. I’ve had interests in doing things with my voice and expressing myself. I feel over this past year or two I’ve really come into my own personality and not what the main stream world tries to push us into.  To most people I’m usually the person that is Smart, Kind and has some good humor. Underneath, I’m a person with an opinion that doesn’t conform to the Politically Correct People.

The Podcast has allowed me to express those opinions in the form of whats been going on in the XRP community. This has been a nice release for me. You can find my podcast “XRP Real Talk” @ I’m thinking about doing sort of podcast that isn’t specifically XRP, but all of the things I’d like to talk about. That may cause me to change my current podcast to that, if I don’t feel like doing more than one podcast.

You can find me usually doing one podcast a week!

The Snake Diet

I’ve stumbled upon a guy on YouTube under the name of Cole Robinson, which he runs a YouTube channel called “Snake Diet“.  I love this dude. He is a no bullshit kind of guy and his shit works! Its been a little over 2 weeks so far and I’ve lost almost 20 pounds! I’ve been trying to lose this extra 40-50 pounds off my gut for a couple years now!

I’ve been dreaming better & I am completely off my Anxiety Medication with No Side Effects! I’d be more than happy to talk about it with you guys, or you can just check out his videos. I’ve created a separate YouTube channel dedicated to my Snake Diet Journey Here:

You can find me doing one update video a week!

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