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Prices, Charts, Escrow, Validators, Transactions, Richlist lookup and Richlist Index compare are all things that are available to view historically with some great community tools that were created. The Community tools that I will be discussing were created by Ripple, Wietse Wind, bithomp & Ripple.Africa (Not Connected wtih Ripple the Company).


What Kind of Information are you looking for?

If your someone looking for tables with historic prices, then Ripple.Africa’s site is your best bet.

Available via website on is able to access price information all the way back to August 4th of 2013, which is simply amazing. There is a lot of information to play with here and its even available in Line Graphs for visuals. Here is a visual below of what you can find when visiting the home screen. A Detailed table that can be filtered in various fields.

If your looking for a very beautiful UI with lots of everything then Ripple’s XRP Charts site is going to be your go to.

You will be able to find their site at Its a really great place to find the “Need to Know” information in relation to XRP statistics. You can find Pricing, Transactions, Validator Count, Verified & Non Verified Validators along with tid bits of other information. You’ll find a sneak peek of what you’ll most likely find on the home page.

There is another very popular method for looking at transactions and that is through

Its one of the more popular method’s for looking at your transactions because it is easier to sort out previous transactions and changes with its UI. They have a variety of other tools as well, but thats not what were talking about right now.

Are you interested in Escrow or maybe how you stack up against others with how much XRP you hold?

Well, Wietse Wind has yet another awesome tool for statistics that is pretty neat. Available through you’ll find a few different options. The Richlist index will allow you to put your XRP addresses in the field and determine how you stack up against others. This way you can see if your in the 1% or 99%. The second option is the richlist statistics, which gives a high level overview of how the XRP is distributed to all the account addresses. The Third and final option, is the Escrow statistics which happens to be my favorite. Its my favorite because I have most of my XRP escrowed using Secure Blockchains Harbor Wallet and its neat seeing my Escrows in this list.

What Now?

Go out there and play around with some of these cool XRP Statistic Tools created by XRP Community Members. I’m aware I could have missed some, but these are the ones that I’m aware of at the moment.

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