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How to Setup an XRP Validator?

Getting an XRP Validator setup and verified in as little as 24 hours couldn’t be easier then what you’ll see here today. As long as you have your own domain w/ DNS access then you’ll be ready to go! I am using Digital Ocean in this demonstration, which is a virtual machine provider in the cloud. You will be able to choose the specs you want along w/ a given price point.

Can I make Money with a Validator?

You will not be making money running a validator, but you will be contributing to the decentralization of the XRP Ledger. It really does feel good to give back and help the community in a simple way, such as running a validator.

I’m having Issues getting it setup, can you help?

Yes Of course. Please reach out to me here, by email or via DM on Twitter. I’d be happy to help you in any way I can.


sudo wget -O && bash


Domain you own

Access to Add DNS Records

A Cowboy Hat

Important Links


Digital Ocean (Referral) 




Wietse Wind


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